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September 22, 2007 at 1:27 am (Uncategorized)

This is my first post, and I might as well talk about the engineering building since I am sitting here. So I currently believe that all of my teachers are crazy in some form or another. My Mechanics teacher is kinda stuck on himself and isn’t that great at teaching. He is one of those people that is great at his field, but shouldn’t be teaching students.

Then there is my thermal teacher,  who doesn’t even run or understand the lab portion of the class. Instead another woman has to run it because he doesn’t even know how to run the program. He told us today he is going to start bringing two colored cards to class. One yellow and one red. If he raises the yellow one on you he wants you to quit talking. And then if he flashes the red card at you, he would (in a polite way) appreciate it if you took your stuff and left class right now.

Lastly, I have the teacher I still haven’t met yet. He was there one day, which was a day I got hit by a car and he hasn’t been there since. We have a TA teaching the class who took it 2 years ago and isn’t totally sure what he should be teaching. Today is just another day to find out if he is actually here or not.

My love isn’t online or I would sit and chat with her while I wait to go to class, but I guess she is painting her walls. They look pretty good so far. Hopefully this week I can maybe get my room in order and if I actually get this dresser from Goodwill it will be perfect for what I want to do. The only problem is that it will need to be sanded and stained and the drawers need a little bit of work. But it is gigantic. Crossing my fingers that it will still be there when I go back on Thursday.


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